Programs and Services


Visitation Hospital Foundation instituted a Master’s Midwife education program funded by generous grant awards, providing approximately 50 community matrons (midwives) with thorough specialized training regarding prenatal care and deliveries. Those who graduated continue this education, joining monthly at Visitation Clinic for lectures and demonstrations presented by our doctors at the Clinic.


Several times per week, our medical staff presents a morning educational class, where members of the Petite Riviere community can come and learn about various aspects of health and health-related issues. Some of the topics include basic hygiene, hypertension and diabetes management, and prenatal care.


Once a month, one staff member gives a presentation on a health issue to the rest of the clinic staff. This is a good way for staff members to stay up to date on clinical knowledge and issues, and it also provides the staff with continuing education.


In order to eliminate a number of root causes of many illnesses, Visitation Hospital Foundation initiated the Gift of Water program almost immediately following its opening in 2008. Gift of Water uses a double-bucket filtration system with chlorine tablets that are distributed to families throughout Petite Riviere de Nippes. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Carmel, Indiana, has joined us in purchasing these systems. VHF hired five community health workers to oversee and maintain the project. To date, over 2,500 families or more than 16,000 people are given access to clean drinking water through this program.


Several community health workers are employed to administer the Gift of Water program. These workers visit with families on a monthly basis to ensure that they are properly using and maintaining the bucket filtration system. The workers also provide classes to families when distributing the water systems.


It is important for children to stay up to date on their vaccinations and be checked for worms that might cause digestive system issues. Visitation Clinic administers both of these important services to the children in Petite Riviere in conjunction with the Haitian Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health supplies the serum for the vaccinations and Visitation Clinic provides the de-worming medications.